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The University of Sussex Archaeological Society


The University of Sussex Archaeological Society (USAS) was initially set up in 1998 by a small group of part-time students who were studying archaeology at the Centre for Continuing Education (CCE), University of Sussex, for the benefit of other students, staff and members of the local archaeology community.  Sadly, despite the popularity of CCE and the teaching of archaeology at the university, both came to an end in 2013, but the USAS has continued and has welcomed anyone who has an interest in archaeology, whatever level that interest may be. During the pandemic we took our lectures online, and this proved to be very popular, and so we decided to continue on that route.

Not wanting to see the end of the USAS and the great community of supporters that we have been fortunate to have with us over our 25 years, we have decided that we will merge the USAS to become a part of the Sussex School of Archaeology and History (SSA&H).  The name USAS will remain and we will have this dedicated area of the website for the 'USAS Lecture Series'

We make a nominal charge of £3 for registration and attendance at each USAS lecture.  This helps to pay our speakers and zoom fees. Any surpluses are added to our reserves to help fund archaeological research in Sussex. However, you are able to purchase a 'USAS membership' at the rate of £12 for the academic year 2023/4 which will entitle you to attend all USAS lectures during the academic year, plus access recordings of those lectures that the speakers allow us to make available -- please email for details.  We also hope to offer other ‘membership’ benefits – such as reduced fees at some events or courses.

Booking for our lectures will continue to be through Eventbrite, and those links that are currently available are shown below each event.

The talks will start at 7.30pm and you will need to register online in order to receive the link for the lecture. 


We look forward to welcoming you to our lecture series.

Wednesday 22nd November 2023


Roman Imperial Sculptures in Sussex (and beyond): New Research



Dr Miles Russell, University of Bournemouth


Laser scanning damaged Romano-British sculpture, much of it misidentified, misunderstood, or simply buried deep in museum stores, has shown that there was originally a very large number of statues in Roman Britain, most of which depicted emperors or members of the imperial family. Sussex, in particular, is exceptionally rich in Roman sculpture, many finds being made within the area of Chichester to Worthing. By re-evaluating and identifying characters in this archive, it is possible to better understand how the Roman State promoted itself and how the people in distant provinces, such as Britannia, ultimately reacted.

Future USAS Lectures for 2023/2024

(more details and sign-up coming soon)

Wednesday 17th January 2024: USAS LECTURE

Flint Story

Speaker: Diana Jones

click here to sign up on Eventbrite 


Wednesday 21st February 2024: USAS LECTURE

Wogan Cavern

Speaker: Dr Rob Dinnis


Wednesday 20th March 2024: USAS LECTURE

CRETE: The Myth of the Minotaur and the archaeology of the Minoans

Speaker: Sarah Green


Wednesday 10th April 2024

Title: TBA


Speaker: TBA

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