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Kings Church Hall, Lewes.  9.15am-5pm


Saturday 12th October 2024

Living in Tudor and Stuart Sussex

c.1500 - 1700

The two hundred years when England was ruled by the Tudor and Stuart dynasties were a period of great changes. Between 1500 and 1700, England emerged from being a backwater state on the edge of Europe to begin a long period as an important and wealthy country. The life of many people at the start of the period was different from that at the end. By 1700 England was no longer a Roman Catholic country, monasteries and convents were closed and, many demolished, disappearing from the landscape of Sussex.

During the sixteen and seventeenth century we traded further afield and also adopted new ideas and technologies from Europe such as more up to date ways of making iron and glass, we learnt to make better wool clothe and export the finished goods and less wool. We exported grain and other goods and imported high value to bulk produced such as wine, exotic fruits and flavourings. All of these developments affected life in Sussex.

Saturday 16th November 2024

"Malcolm Lyne Memorial Conference"

Dr Malcolm Lyne (1943-2023) was an exceptional scholar who made many major contributions to the archaeology of South-East England. Although he was foremost a Late Iron Age and Roman pottery expert, his research tasks also included researching and reporting work regarding coins and ‘small finds’, and the writing up of two old Sussex excavations undertaken by others (ie The Excavations at Pevensey Castle 1936-1964, and those at Lewes Priory).  Malcolm, who was a prolific publisher, will be much missed. It is intended to hold a Memorial Conference for Malcolm at Kings Church, Lewes, on Saturday 16th November 2024. Offers of papers, especially on topics that were of interest to, or involved Malcolm, are very welcome.

Saturday 22nd March 2025

Sussex Archaeology Symposium 2025


The results of recent Sussex archaeological research and fieldwork: offers of papers welcome


Saturday October 11th 2025

History Conference - topic to be confirmed

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